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People struggle with addiction no matter where they call home. In Hackensack, NJ, where substances of abuse are as varied as the city's topography, Drug Treatment Hackensack offers residents the most feasible solution to addiction. A recent drug sting that cracks down on dealers selling heroin, marijuana, Molly, Roxy, Oxy, crack and powdered cocaine is reportedly the biggest in Hackensack's history.

The confiscation of so many drugs means substance abuse dependence and addiction is embedded into the daily lives of the city's residents. Those who create the demand for these substances indicate their desperate need for specialized services offered at drug treatment facilities.

Drug rehabilitation centers near the Hackensack area are about more than helping substance abusers to temporarily stop using drugs. The definition of addiction as a complex brain disease by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is supported through years of treating addiction by Drug Treatment Hackensack.

This definition defies the fact that addiction is a condition that can be remedied through good intention or moral fortitude. As such, all treatment provided at rehab centers meet and exceed recommendations for best practices for the treatment of substance abuse disorders.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Hackensack

Treatment Design

The primary focus at our drug rehab facility is to provide a safe and supportive environment that empowers and enable individuals suffering from various forms of addiction as well as emotional and behavioral disorders to achieve full recovery. We also agree with the NIDA's premise that quitting chronic drug use is difficult because these toxic chemicals change the brain in ways that compel behavior patterns that lead to obsessive seeking and compulsive drug use.

Through ongoing scientific research, most of the mysteries surrounding addiction have been unraveled. As such we now know how drugs work in the brain. This has led to advances in the development of a number of innovative treatment modules such as our dual diagnosis procedure.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is also referred to as co-occurring disorders (COD). It is characterized by the presence of a mental disorder along with an addiction. This comorbidity between drug addiction and mental illness currently affects over nine million Americans according to government records. Mental disorders most commonly linked to dual diagnosis are depression, chronic anxiety, bipolar and personality disorders.

It is a common practice for people suffering from emotional problems, stress and mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder or depression to try to self-medicate away their pain. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in four families is affected by a serious and persistent mental disorder. A high percentage of these individuals turn to drugs or alcohol to temporarily alleviate feelings of distress. The end result is typically drug or alcohol dependence and addiction.

Studies conducted on rehabilitated patients who repeatedly relapsed highlighted mental illness as a common thread. This research led to the development of the Dual Diagnosis treatment protocol which is the simultaneous treatment of addiction and mental disorders. This new treatment procedure has had a significant impact on lowering recidivism rates.

Even so, this is an advanced treatment process that not all rehab facilities are qualified or equipped to provide. At drug treatment facilities in Hackensack, board certified, multidisciplinary addiction clinicians consider this a vital component of the services administered at their facilities.

This breakthrough treatment has changed the fate of thousands of addicts suffering from dual diagnosis. In cases where addiction was triggered by a mental illness, if the mental illness is not adequately addressed, it was almost impossible for patients in recovery to sustain their sobriety.

Drug treatment facilities in Hackensack administer the most advanced addiction treatment interventions in a state of the art facility.

About Hackensack, NJ

Hackensack is a structurally and culturally diverse city in Bergen County, New Jersey. Hackensack is one of New York's inner suburbs located just 12 miles northwest of Manhattan. As part of its multi-layered landscape are classic suburban residences nestled close to one acre lots with Grander more elaborate homes, two family neighborhoods, spacious garden apartments, the county jail, a tidal river, Hackensack University Medical Center and a modern high-rise district that stretches a mile long all amidst a busy industrial area.

Despite this dense hodgepodge of residential and business activity are lush open spaces where Hackensack's 44,113 residents can enjoy recreational activities at a number of beautiful Hackensack city parks the Borg's Woods Nature Preserve and the New Jersey Naval Museum that house the USS Ling, a World War II Submarine.

Upcoming Hackensack AA & NA Meetings:

Meeting Day & Time Location
AA HACKENSACK ORITANI Thu, 9:00 PM 2nd Reformed Church Main St, Fort Lee, NJ 07024
NA Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Fri, 8:30 PM Free At Last Group Topic, Discussion/Participation, Speaker, Non-Smoking 295 Hudson Place, Fairview, NJ 07022
AA Happy Step Group Wed, 6:00 PM Church of the Assumption 29 Jefferson Avenue, Emerson, NJ 07630
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