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Five Things to do After Drug Rehab Hackensack

The risk of relapse is always a possibility for the recovering drug and alcohol addict. There are support options available. Look for a drug rehabilitation facility that provides support during and after you leave the drug rehab center. If you have already completed drug rehab call for information on after-care services (201)620-9145.

You have completed the intense work of drug rehabilitation. Tucked into your memory bank is a reservoir of coping skills designed to help you deal with real life situations and temptations that could undo all that you have accomplished. You have embraced and accepted the fact there will be good days and bad days as you endeavor to maintain your sobriety. You also know that freedom from drug addiction requires a life-time commitment.

Here are 5 things you can do after drug rehab to prevent a relapse.

  • Evaluate your associations with family and friends. While you are building up your drug resistance muscles, friends and family members who are using and abusing drugs may be the greatest downfall in your quest to stay clean. Studies show that one of the strong motivators for drug use is the influence of others. Establishing new friendships and temporarily moving away from family members who can negatively impact your rehabilitation process is an essential after-care step.
  • Stay committed to the out-patient treatment care provided by your rehab centeror find one that is accessible to you and keep all appointments. This step is crucial because it provides the opportunity to identify the emotional triggers and areas of weakness that were not evident during in-patient treatment. This is when the real work of dealing with subtle issues that most likely contributed to the drug addiction in the first place.
  • Encourage family and friends who will always be a part of your life to support you by participate in your recovery process. There are support groups that teach friends and family of recovering addicts how to break enabling behavior patterns and recognize signs of a relapse.
  • Become a mentor. Reach out to someone who is suffering with drug addictionand seeking help. Reinforce what you have learned in your rehab experience. Studies have shown that helping someone else get free of addiction can be a positive aspect of the recovery process. However, keep in mind that the commitment to enter rehab must be their decision.
  • Pay attention to any signs or clues that indicate that old cravings are resurfacing or you are developing dependency to prescription medication.

Don't let a relapse undo all the hard work you accomplished in your drug rehabilitation program. If your rehab facility did not provide after care resources don't despair; it's not too late. There are professional drug and alcohol rehab centers in Hackensack that can help with drug abuse or drug relapse prevention. (201)620-9145.


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